Version 3.41 ( 7. 11. 2019+ )

Menion shared this announcement 4 years ago

Version 3.41.0 (6.11.2019)

  • add: option to keep original/select custom line style for navigation, topic
  • add: option to choose preset when starting navigation along an imported/planned route
  • add: short description on GC listing tab, topic
  • chg: faster and more reliable start of "Navigate To"
  • add: basic support for WUNDERLinq hardware controller
  • chg: improved item selection and deselection on the map, topic
  • chg: coordinates in skyplot/compass screen displayed in correct format , topic
  • chg: Maidenhead coord sys formated to 5 digits
  • chg: wider side menus (Main menu, ...)
  • chg: improved setup of coordinates for new GC waypoints
  • add: support for "google.navigation" intent
  • chg: centering to new location after editing point in Route planner, topic
  • chg: update of MapsForge to 0.12 version, topic


  • fix: minor fix of map-centering system
  • fix: buggy back-flow from list of points/tracks to the map, topic
  • fix: shortened guidance panel when no buttons in the right function panel, topic
  • fix: incorrect line color in the thumbnail of a currently navigated route
  • fix: declination not applied in projection when "True bearing" is disabled, topic
  • fix: incorrect display of popup in geocaching screen, topic
  • fix: extra steps when displaying KMZ maps via MapItems
  • fix: (PRO) defunct map theme selection when using overlays, topic
  • fix: missing free waypoints after route recalculation
  • fix: route waypoints made clickable during navigation
  • fix: removed tile cache timeout for custom online maps
  • fix: defunct import of GPX waypoints with same cmt & desc tags
  • fix: zoom lock disabled drawing of map after change, topic
  • fix: (PRO) WMS map not removed from the map screen when deleted
  • fix: KML icon scale ignored, topic
  • fix: defunct automatic change of vector theme back to users choice after usage of USGS maps
  • fix: unable to set GC coordinates when adding a new cache waypoint, topic
  • fix: (PRO) track record auto-start blocked by import, topic
  • fix: (PRO) incorrect AM/PM labels in weather screen, topic
  • fix: incorrect track position in track preview , topic
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