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Completed Tomas V. Locus Map (Android) Comments: 5 Reply 39 hours ago by freischneider
8 votes

Pedometer / Stepcounter

Collecting votes berkley Locus Map (Android) Comments: 10 Reply 12 days ago by Piotr T.
24 votes

Has PollBluetooth thermo sensor support

In Progress Jordan N. Locus Map (Android) Comments: 15 Reply 4 days ago by Menion
27 votes

161 meters circle around center cross.

Collecting votes Vincent B. Locus Map (Android) Comments: 1 Reply 38 hours ago by Vincent B.
1 vote

Support for distance from sensors

Collecting votes Roman F. Locus Map (Android) Comments: 2 Reply 9 days ago by Roman F.
1 vote

Map Addon for Amazfit Stratos

Collecting votes blahdi Wearables (Wear, Gear, ...) Comments: 19 Reply 13 days ago by Alistair P.
14 votes

Guidance notification on Amazfit watches

Collecting votes kwizatz h. Wearables (Wear, Gear, ...) Comments: 17 Reply 13 days ago by roxetak
18 votes

Linking to Locus from other app

Completed post Locus Map (Android) Comments: 7 Reply 2 days ago by Menion
1 vote

Add Zoom buttons to list of function panel buttons

Collecting votes Andrew H. 47 days ago Locus Map (Android) No Comments
5 votes

Subscription for Locus Map Pro users

Collecting votes Maciej O. Locus Map (Android) Comments: 6 Reply 16 days ago by freischneider
2 votes

Navigation and web planner improvements

Collecting votes Tormi T. Locus Map (Android) Comments: 5 Reply 16 days ago by Tormi T.
3 votes
63 votes

Meshtastic / LoRa Support.

Collecting votes Ron H. Other add-ons Comments: 1 Reply 7 months ago by Roman P.
5 votes

Show more data for climbing sites

Collecting votes Michele G. Locus Map (Android) Comments: 1 Reply 11 days ago by Georg D.
2 votes

Average slope in charts

Collecting votes Jacob Locus Map (Android) Comments: 1 Reply 14 days ago by Jacob
3 votes

Has PollKilometer marks on track/route

Completed Andrey B. Locus Map (Android) Comments: 59 Reply 21 days ago by Ulrich K.
86 votes

Via point creation on route import

Collecting votes Guy E. Locus Map (Android) Comments: 13 Reply 24 days ago by 0709
1 vote

show vector overlay over raster map

Completed cantece Locus Map (Android) Comments: 13 Reply 9 years ago by Menion
6 votes

Transparency of WMS layers

Declined rijackson741 Locus Map (Android) Comments: 3 Reply 9 years ago by Menion
4 votes
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