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Import .poi-file (MapsForge format)

Collecting votes Hans P. Locus Map Comments: 46 Reply 4 days ago by Victor N.
35 votes

Prefer forward driving by active route re-calculation.

Collecting votes 0709 Locus Map Comments: 7 Reply 10 days ago by 0709
1 vote

Samsung Gear Fit2 (Pro)

Collecting votes Gábor K. Wearables (Wear, Gear, ...) Comments: 4 Reply 6 days ago by Milan C.
1 vote
2 votes

Reverse a track

Completed Thomas K. Locus Map Comments: 24 Reply 3 years ago by Menion
18 votes

Display coordinate grid on maps

Collecting votes Zul F. Locus Map Comments: 9 Reply 40 days ago by Richard A.
40 votes

Sport track recording: Autopause

Collecting votes Horak T. Locus Map Comments: 17 Reply 2 years ago by freischneider
18 votes

Route-planning on the PC

Collecting votes Karl S. Locus Map Comments: 5 Reply 55 days ago by Tapio
4 votes

Support for new MyMaps (Google Maps Engine)

Declined aka_paulo Locus Map Comments: 35 Reply 55 days ago by Menion
28 votes

More configurable dashboard altitude graph

Collecting votes Bucky K. Locus Map Comments: 1 Reply 3 years ago by Andrew H.
9 votes

[SK] Satelitná mapa pre Slovensko

Completed Ján D. Locus Map Comments: 3 Reply 8 days ago by Petr V.
3 votes

Morse code language file

Completed LucDM Various Comments: 17 Reply 6 days ago by Max M.
1 vote

Search for points and routes at the same time

Collecting votes David e. 5 days ago Locus Map No Comments
2 votes

Speed and distance units available as a preset setting

Collecting votes Fykantrollet 29 hours ago Locus Map No Comments
1 vote

Save maps theme specification in presets

Collecting votes freischneider Locus Map Comments: 8 Reply 3 months ago by Racer
15 votes

Recalculate/reroute navigation with add/remove route points

Collecting votes Robert T. Locus Map Comments: 10 Reply 17 days ago by Stephan
11 votes
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