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Is Locus Map also available on iOS?

Answered Michal S. Locus Map (Android) Comments: 60 Reply 6 months ago by Andrea S.
72 votes

Share live location with family

Answered Senemmar Locus Map (Android) Comments: 23 Reply 7 years ago by Sven
31 votes

Can I navigate along an (imported) track?

Answered Michael G. Locus Map (Android) Comments: 19 Reply 7 years ago by Menion
23 votes

Sync POIs and maps between 2 devices

Answered Joerg H. Locus Map (Android) Comments: 11 Reply 4 years ago by Christian S.
22 votes

Locus Map with Google Android Auto?

Answered Bernd A. Locus Map (Android) Comments: 36 Reply 52 days ago by Francisco J.
20 votes

Mapsforge 0.5

Answered Christian P. Locus Map (Android) Comments: 7 Reply 6 years ago by gynta
17 votes

Locus Map for Garmin - new app for Garmin devices

In Progress Jan Č. add-on Garmin Comments: 114 Reply 3 months ago by Richy
12 votes

Consent with the GDPR

Answered Hedley F. Locus Map (Android) Comments: 19 Reply 53 days ago by Rea
9 votes

Syncing tracks with online service?

Answered ulmus Locus Map (Android) Comments: 11 Reply 3 years ago by Michael B.
8 votes
8 votes

Change of password

Answered Vincent C. Various Comments: 5 Reply 2 years ago by Wolfgang
8 votes

Size Of Panels in version 3.44

Answered Paweł W. Locus Map (Android) Comments: 29 Reply 18 months ago by Lucas H.
8 votes

Edit tracks on,

Answered Chris C. Locus Web Planner Comments: 2 Reply 5 months ago by Chris C.
8 votes

Spoiler pics in Locus

Answered Bernhard S. Locus Map (Android) Comments: 5 Reply 9 years ago by Menion
7 votes

Will there be a Windows Phone 8 version?

Answered Louise R. Locus Map (Android) Comments: 14 Reply 4 years ago by Alfonico
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