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Problem with Locus Map on Huawei, Android 8+ devices

Solved Menion Locus Map Comments: 6 Reply 7 months ago by Menion
37 votes

Locus-Store not working with Google Account

Solved Thorsten O. Locus Map Comments: 65 Reply 12 months ago by freischneider
25 votes

Locus Map terminated on Huawei smartphones

Solved Kipcior Locus Map Comments: 232 Reply 32 days ago by Jarosław S.
15 votes

Problem with Locus Map Pro initialization at startup

Solved Hana M. Locus Map Comments: 2 Reply 13 months ago by Petr V.
15 votes

Dropbox problem 'v1_retired' since 09/2017

Solved Danny G. Locus Map Comments: 10 Reply 22 months ago by Menion
14 votes

Problem with download online maps (error 3)

Solved Bogdan G. Locus Map Comments: 13 Reply 8 months ago by Bogdan G.
14 votes

Locus 3.38 not displaying maps correctly or at all

Solved Ian B. Locus Map Comments: 20 Reply 2 months ago by Menion
13 votes
12 votes

Error 3 by downloading maps

Solved Sarah J. Locus Map Comments: 26 Reply 10 months ago by Menion
12 votes

Problem with custom directory for 'mapItems'

Solved Kevin G. Locus Map Comments: 33 Reply 8 months ago by Gergy V.
12 votes

Problem with external render Theme in new 3.35.0

Solved Ro B. Locus Map Comments: 5 Reply 3 months ago by Ari O.
10 votes

Impossible to add waypoint to geocache anymore

Solved Patrik S. Locus Map Comments: 4 Reply 12 months ago by Celda
10 votes
10 votes

Locus is extremely sluggish during Navigation

Solved Viajero P. Locus Map Comments: 67 Reply 22 days ago by Menion
8 votes

Foto Poi doesn't work anymore

Solved Erwin H. Locus Map Comments: 40 Reply 2 years ago by Menion
8 votes

Notes are not properly managed

Solved Locus Map Comments: 5 Reply 16 months ago by Menion
8 votes

Screenlock doesn`t disable home key

Not a Problem oliverpa77 Locus Map Comments: 26 Reply 3 years ago by Falco
7 votes
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