Locus Map, version 4.19 ( 27. 9. 2023 )

Menion shared this announcement 8 months ago

Version 4.19.0 (27.9.2023)

Major changes

  • chg: customization options and on-route warnings for online LoRouter
  • chg: numerous updates in offline LoMap themes, topic
  • chg: redundant WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission on A11+ removed
  • add: support for sensors of Specialized Turbo Levo bikes

Minor improvements

  • add: option to auto-hide a recorded track after saving, topic
  • add: legend for online LoMaps
  • add: (expert) option to make map movement smoother, topic
  • chg: improved cache clearing before moving app directory
  • chg: reversed mileage marks for navigated route (as countdown)
  • chg: polished drawing of route types/surfaces
  • chg: currently recorded track not hidden when tracks are hidden temporarily
  • chg: more stable NTRIP client
  • chg: more stable route planner when the app is moved to background
  • add: "Skateboarding" as another export option to Strava
  • add: UID parameter to custom live tracking, topic
  • chg: Munzee removed completely due to discontinued Munzee API
  • chg: disabled discontinued online OpenPtMap
  • chg: unified date format across the whole app, topic
  • chg: improved reading of GeoJson files, topic


  • fix: disabled rotation mode after stopping the navigation
  • fix: lost route planner menu after second opening, topic
  • fix: selection of photos on A13+
  • fix: incorrect detection of required LoRouter segments, topic
  • fix: incorrect restore of "Map copyright" visibility, topic
  • fix: empty side panel in the Track preview, topic
  • fix: invalid "Altitude threshold" set during import of tracks with elevation updating
  • fix: unwanted margins in the dashboard, topic
  • fix: missing navigation icon in the left-hand mode, topic
  • fix: missing {s} parameter support for Quad-key custom online maps, topic
  • fix: defunct loading of LoPoints for third-party vector maps, topic
  • fix: defunct "Min zoom scale" option in expert settings causes disappearance of the map, topic
  • fix: attempt to fix incorrect pronunciation of TTS in some locales, topic
  • fix: missing GeoTagged photos on A11+
  • fix: missing daily weather forecast details in some cases
  • fix: impossible to cancel Store subscriptions from My History web
  • fix: incorrect restoring of track types/surfaces in planner
  • fix: loading of complex KML files, topic

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