Version 3.21.0 ( 21. 12. 2016+ )

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Version 3.21.0 (21. 12. 2016)

New maps

  • add: Ordnance Survey Explorer and Landranger maps - the best British hiking maps in more than 400 packages covering the whole Great Britain - check Locus Store
  • add: IGN Belgium - detailed topo maps of Belgium both in online and offline mode for monthly and annual subscription available in Locus Store
  • add: NeoTreks maps of U.S. National parks - all U.S hiking highlights in compact packages of maps produced by the best American trail-mapping company

Main changes

  • chg: completely new 3D Skyplot and improved graphics in 2D version
  • add: (beta) list of waypoints attached to a track with options to add/edit/delete them, topic
  • add: support of re-import of KML files together with attachments (previouly exported by this new Locus Map version!), topic
  • chg: routes from web service can be imported directly to Locus route database, topic
  • add: option to end navigation upon reaching the final point, topic


  • chg: completely new unified "Share" screen with almost every option improved
  • add: full support of what3words service, topic
  • add: option to quickly share current GPS position, topic
  • chg: completely new system of sharing points and tracks on Facebook

Extra new features

  • add: unfinished online map download visible directly in map manager > online tab
  • add: (PRO) feature (can be placed to the main screen functions panel) allowing to turn screen off, topic
  • add: support of html links in plain point description, topic
  • add: another attempt to keep Locus "alive" (keep app awake when GPS is enabled and app is in background), topic
  • add: option to disable automatic generating of direction commands for navigation along commands-free routes, topic
  • add: (PRO) option to skip already "Offlinized" caches in "GC Offlinizer", topic
  • add: option "scale-line-dy-by-zoom" that allows to scale MapsForge line 'dy' parameter based on zoom level, topic
  • add:shared screenshot with map scale, topic

Minor changes

  • chg: (PRO) improvement of proximity sensor use > single wave (faster reactions)
  • chg: Locus/Maps directory excluded from possibility to add it as an "External directory", topic
  • chg: locations from "Get location" dialog can be named by offline address search result and stored in "recently used" tab, topic
  • chg: united history of online search, search in geoNames and Google Places, topic
  • chg: Locus TTS system performs a self-check and restarts itself in case of problems, topic
  • chg: improved loading of large KMZ ground overlay maps, topic
  • chg: improved list of selected items on the map - additional info and better icons
  • add: Geofun as co-app
  • chg: disabled deprecated Panoramio service
  • chg: OS Street View maps moved under OrdnanceSurvey provider
  • chg: bottom menu of Points screen unified with Tracks screen
  • chg: dashboard notification of waypoints during navigation, topic
  • chg: improved handling of "news" in the main menu and added support of en/de/cz localization
  • chg: via points icons in itinerary reflect icons used on map, topic
  • chg: simplified point icon (in low zoom level) is randomly colored
  • chg: added 200m distance to the distance circles feature
  • chg: completely rewritten Google Elevation API support fixing rare "OVER_QUERY_LIMIT" error
  • chg: improved naming of points created from address search
  • chg: improved picker of times used in Parking and Live tracking
  • chg: "Buddy tracking" renamed back to "Live tracking"

Various fixes

  • fix: problem with offline usage of downloaded NeoTreks maps, topic
  • fix: (PRO) problem with incorrectly uploaded times in Geocaching Field Notes, topic
  • fix: issue with incorrectly drawn before/after parts of navigation route, topic
  • fix: (PRO) functionality of POI Alert & geocaches received over Live map from G4L, topic
  • fix: saving update point does not trigger guide notification once more, topic
  • fix: problem with "Select location" option when editing trackpoints locations, topic
  • fix: missing icons of a few countries in Locus Store
  • fix: problem with display of html tags in descriptions in list of cache waypoints
  • fix: incorrect hotspot of parking geocaching waypoint
  • fix: problem with loading track preview in Track list
  • fix: incorrect waypoint time of exported track start/end points
  • fix: missing line in "add new route" after scroll of map
  • fix: problem with display of WMS maps rescaled according to parent map
  • fix: using of created "via points" for start/end point during route creating
  • fix: not working notification of automatic backup
  • fix: (PRO) automatic action after cache "found log"
  • fix: attempt to fix problems with incorrect borders in RMap format (not perfect but a little better), topic
  • fix: problem with screen turning off when working with dialogs, topic
  • fix: problem with projection of some OruxMaps based maps
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