Version 3.25 ( 9. 8. 2017+ )

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Version 3.25.5 (5. 9. 2017)

  • chg: finished minor UI improvement all over the whole app
  • chg: improved order of drawing geocaching lines
  • chg: option to download missing Geoid file directly from popup error message
  • chg: improved behavior of quick measure tool (refresh of map), topic
  • chg: removed EveryTrail service, topic
  • fix: problem with inability to add existing map points to route planner
  • fix: problem with selection of the first item in list of points/tracks
  • fix: rare problem with sorting points/tracks by name

Version 3.25.3 (31. 8. 2017)

  • add: (PRO) "Always screen on" and "Disable lock screen" into presets, topic
  • chg: minor improvement in layout of icon picker
  • chg: improved moment when quick measure comes in play, topic


  • fix: problem with elevation offset applied to received location, topic
  • fix: (PRO) problem with restoring of function panels from presets, topic
  • fix: incorrect satellites numbers in skyplot on Android 7+
  • fix: problem with sharing points & tracks on FB when official app is installed
  • fix: problem with selecting newly created track folder during import, topic
  • fix: problem with import of zip files (encoding of file names), topic
  • fix: (PRO) missing circumference settings for combined BLE Speed & cadence sensor, topic
  • fix: improved parsing of GPSies tracks
  • fix: incorrectly working "toggle visibility" of active items, topic
  • fix: problem with reload of geocache listings for basic member users, topic
  • fix: problem with relative paths to files like images in attachments etc.
  • fix: problem with incorrect distance notification on second navigation command
  • fix: (PRO) problem with track recording widget
  • fix: (PRO) attribution for wikipedia search

Version 3.25.2 (21. 8. 2017)

  • chg: improved performance of loading of point/track folders
  • chg: small UI improvements in track recording panel
  • chg: improved error notifications during BRouter routing
  • chg: improved icon of result of address search
  • fix: problem with layout after device rotation
  • fix: position not centered on found address, topic
  • fix: rare problem with incorrect coloring of icons
  • fix: problem with import of files from emails or web browsers, topic
  • fix: problem with export to Google Drive, topic
  • fix: problem with export to RideWithGPS
  • fix: problem with selecting polygons and displaying their labels
  • fix: problem (crash) when browsing caches with very long listing
  • fix: problem with tap on links in views referencing local files, topic
  • fix: problem with import of GPSies tracks, topic
  • fix: many smaller changes all over the whole app as usual

Version 3.25.1 (10. 8. 2017)

  • fix: crash at start on Android 5.x devices
  • fix: other small problems, thanks for reports!

Version 3.25.0 (9. 8. 2017)

  • title: Main changes
  • add: support of online GraphHopper routing service (hike and bike mainly)
  • add: option to select language of LoMaps (or other vector maps) per map
  • add: (PRO) support of setting of function panels in Presets, topic
  • add: (PRO) support of password protected WMS/WMTS maps, topic
  • chg: improved performance of point rendering (mainly geocaches)
  • chg: completely reworked import system. More stable, a little faster


  • add: improved settings of checking duplicates
  • add: improved options displayed after tapping on a cache code in details, topic
  • add: option to display original cache coordinates on map, topic
  • add: support of geocache images in extension of GSAK GPX, topic
  • fix: problem with format of description in cache listing from GSAK add-on, topic
  • fix: problem with handling cache waypoints of duplicate caches, topic

Minor changes and improvements

  • add: option to enable compatibility mode for compass in case of problems
  • chg: displaying compass screen without enabling guidance mode, topic
  • chg: improved usability of color selector (saves changes automatically)
  • chg: improved sorting of points/tracks by name with diacritics, topic
  • chg: improved sorting of items containing number in their name, topic
  • add: option to define color by known hex/rgb values, topic
  • chg: small improvements in "Share" screen, topic
  • chg: improved work with definition of points in "Add new route" function
  • chg: improved UI around drag&drop items (functions in functions panel, navigate to, ...)
  • chg: improved moments when sound notifications during navigation are played (more dependant on speed)
  • chg: option to change account for Locus Store
  • chg: improved order of fields in a track statistics tab
  • chg: removed Breadcrumbs from export options
  • chg: (PRO) cleared presets directory before restoring from backup, topic
  • chg: reduced minimum possible accuracy in recording profile, topic
  • chg: minor improvements in exported GPX content


  • fix: problem with resume of download of IGN maps, topic
  • fix: incorrect translations in custom selected language, topic
  • fix: not working CanadaTopoBase maps
  • fix: notification of a problem with online IGN France maps at start
  • fix: not working LoPoints in older maps
  • fix: problem with rendering of vector maps after theme change
  • fix: problem with import of shared files from 3rd party apps, topic
  • fix: (PRO) POI Alert not notifying of points added over "Quick add point", topic
  • fix: selection of routing types for offline GraphHopper in Route planner
  • fix: problem with audio notification system, topic
  • fix: incorrect detection of GPS satellite source, topic
  • fix: defunct settings of circumference of BT speed sensor
  • fix: problem with incorrect speed values in exported GPX files, topic
  • fix: rare crash when adding a new point
  • fix: unstoppable notification of BT GPS FIX changes
  • fix: (PRO) not working map scaling during auto-zoom, topic
  • fix: incorrect UI in "close dialog", topic
  • fix: problem with parsing of OSM notes description, topic
  • fix: not working pitch/roll in compass screen when hardware sensor disabled
  • fix: (PRO) incorrect day of weather forecasts in different timezones, topic
  • fix: navigation line thickness not changing under 10px
  • fix: incorrect handling longitude over -180/180¬į, topic
  • fix: problem with stuck compass, topic
  • fix: problem with Beidou GPS support via external BT GPS, topic
  • fix: (PRO) incorrect refresh of navigation charts in dashboard, topic
  • fix: problem with stuck "permissions screen" at start, topic
  • fix: temporary fix of defunct FB track sharing
  • fix: many small improvements & changes

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