Locus Map, version 4.17 ( 16. 5. 2023 )

Menion shared this announcement 18 days ago

Version 4.17.0 (16.5.2023)

  • add: NEW SEARCH of places, amenities, addresses and POI categories - completely rebuilt online search system with autocomplete and history
  • chg: redesign of primary and secondary colors across the whole app - blue is good!
  • chg: (GOLD) improved internal LoRouter & profiles
  • chg: improved LoMaps themes with difficulty classification of hiking trails
  • chg: increased limit of recently used icons, topic
  • chg: unified private and public profile header design
  • chg: minor redesign in "Map offset" dialog
  • chg: reworked system for updating points and merging of geocaching logs
  • add: (SILVER) support for USB Specialix Columbus GNSS device
  • fix: incorrect automatic "screen on/off" on Android 13+
  • fix: crash while swiping off point detail
  • fix: problem with import/export of files over the system file-browser
  • fix: problem with some custom geocaching icons, topic
  • fix: problem with incorrect mime-type for shared content
  • fix: not working parsing of one coordinate format, topic
  • fix: visibility of speed & altitude on Gear watches

Version 4.17.1 (24.5.2023)

  • add: option to auto-hide map copyright button
  • add: (SILVER) Weather forecast in the "Tools" menu of tracks
  • chg: improvements of GPX reader, topic
  • chg: (SILVER) updated "disabled" state of track recording buttons in the dashboard, topic
  • chg: redundant "Source for online address search" settings removed
  • chg: correct turning on/off of GeoTagged photos service
  • fix: (SILVER) reading of WS07 temperature when screen is off
  • fix: interrupted import of GPX files, topic
  • fix: problem with refresh of the online map after clearing the cache, topic
  • fix: defunct import of multiple files
  • fix: not playing first notification sound on many places, topic
  • fix: various minor fixes

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