Version 3.37 ( 18. 3. 2019+ )

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Version 3.37.2 (27.3.2019)

  • add: additional setup options for owners of Live tracking rooms
  • fix: unwanted notification of disabled system "location" and re-opening system settings, topic
  • fix: problem with rotation of the map when standing still, topic
  • fix: re-enabled access to Opera browser. Block only when it does not work correctly with Locus Map
  • fix: handling of Google Maps url
  • fix: minor issue in FIT export
  • fix: sending of GC logs with empty "text"
  • fix: selection of notification sound in Live tracking
  • fix: problem with login to Munzee
  • fix: not working live map for GeoGet and GSAK add-ons, topic
  • fix: (PRO) handling ANT+ CHIRF without coordinates, topic

Version 3.37.1 (20.3.2019)

  • fix: incorrect sorting tracks by "nearest", topic
  • fix: problem with loading tracks for new users
  • fix: using of the Web services, topic
  • fix: incorrect Route planner chart for very short tracks, topic
  • fix: problematic display of Lantmateriet maps
  • fix: handling of special Google Url, topic
  • fix: notification on disabled GPS in system, topic
  • fix: few minor crashes

Version 3.37.0 (18.3.2019)

Main changes

  • add: import and export of Garmin FIT files, topic
  • add: brand new Live-tracking web site, topic
  • add: horizontal filter of GPS location, topic
  • add: interpolation of manual segments in route planner (effect: correctly applied line style in segments + correct elevation chart after saving the route)


  • chg: implementation of the new Geocaching API
  • add: (PRO) download of personal notes from for using them offline
  • chg: removed "found" and "not found" log options for cache owner

Other changes

  • add: sorting tracks by "last updated", topic
  • chg: permanent display of elevation gain in list of tracks, topic
  • chg: improved handling of links from Google Maps, topic
  • add: set up of interpolation step in route planner (expert settings), topic
  • chg: removed notification after deleting of a single trackpoint in track editor
  • chg: improved export to OSM, topic
  • chg: removed support for Strava export for Android 4.x
  • chg: minor UI updates over app


  • fix: (PRO) problem with automatic turning screen off during navigation, topic
  • fix: hope that last attempt for correct login to Strava service (needs re-login)
  • fix: rare problems with loading of Store (users logged with name/pass)
  • fix: defunct Live tracking chat
  • fix: (PRO) crash when adding parameters in custom live tracking, topic
  • fix: incorrectly generated names of navigation points, topic
  • fix: crashes when opening links in Opera (impassable bug in Opera - had to block this browser)
  • fix: (PRO) incorrect selection of photos for On-board calibrator
  • fix: refresh of modified icons in MapsForce V4 themes
  • fix: minor problems in parsing of GPX files

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