Locus Map, version 4.5 ( 1. 12. 2021 )

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Version 4.5.0 (1.12.2021)

Main changes

  • add: full support of the new filesystem in Android 11+ - Scoped storage system
  • chg: major update of "Change the main directory" feature related to the new filesystem
  • chg: new main menu for the internal file browsers
  • add: Croatian translation (thanks to Tin)


  • fix: [SILVER] issue in reconnecting to BT4 devices
  • add: [SILVER] 3-sec average for power value in the dashboard
  • chg: [SILVER] "0" power watts are now considered as valid
  • fix: [SILVER] problem with reading PWR values from Sigeyi power sensor
  • fix: [SILVER] export of power value to GPX
  • chg: [SILVER] hide HR and CAD statistics during recording when they have no data
  • chg: [SILVER] improved reading of cadence values from ANT+ PWR sensor
  • fix: [SILVER] "No valid data" for cadence and speed BT4 sensors, topic
  • fix: missing satellites in Skyplot for external BT GPS

Minor changes

  • add: support for short links (shared plans and routes)
  • add: support for shared links
  • add: each track folder has its own sorting, topic
  • add: sort type badge for sorting icon in points/tracks list, topic
  • add: separate center/rotate buttons (can be enabled in expert settings)
  • chg: OpenLocationCode uses 2 additional characters when high-precision for coordinates is enabled, topic
  • chg: search in functions/settings now correctly ignores diacritics
  • chg: split icon for distance to point and distance to waypoint along the line
  • chg: geocache original coordinates moved in the UI down to current coordinates, topic
  • chg: improved naming of exported files with points, topic
  • chg: improved drawing of track labels when nav. points exist, topic
  • chg: improved reliability of Google assisted location source
  • chg: quick adding of photo point now uses the new "Point screen"
  • chg: [SILVER] enabled hill-shading for "Track preview", topic
  • add: option to delete an attachment file when removed from point
  • add: direct "Search offline LoPoints" in the search screen
  • chg: closing online map database and preventing sync when "app data transfer" starts
  • chg: distinguish setup options in "set router" dialog
  • chg: highly modified start screen for filesystem
  • chg: improved behavior of two-finger measurement, topic
  • chg: [GOLD] performance improvement in Sync
  • chg: update in name & icon of freytag&berndt maps (formally SHOCart)
  • chg: removed useless track popup settings for distance & time
  • chg: completely removed support for offline SmartMaps
  • chg: smooth animation when enabling/disabling rotation of the map
  • chg: Statkart topo4 layer is now used since level 17+ (previously 15+)


  • fix: incorrectly working filtering of big track chart
  • fix: inappropriate overwrite of exported points/tracks files, topic
  • fix: problem when saving planned route when changing computed segment to manual, topic
  • fix: track thumbnails not refresh upon open of the track screen, topic
  • fix: waypoints added on the track during recording are not displayed on map, topic
  • fix: animated move of the map over API when screen rotates
  • fix: incorrect map offset when editing route in Route planner, topic
  • fix: incorrect activity name in the auto-generated track recording name
  • fix: icon of the defined via-points, topic
  • fix: problem with deleting older items over Locus Store
  • chg: better online LoPoints elevation support (real data from OSM dataset)
  • fix: problem with the Android 5,6 & NMEA reader
  • fix: problem with duplicate directories by excluding empty "Locus" dirs
  • fix: [SILVER] incorrect status of the BT NMEA reader sensor, topic
  • fix: [GOLD] updates for LoMaps are visible in the store
  • fix: ignored breaks when computing track distance & small track chart in the detail
  • fix: incorrect default style of navigation route, topic
  • fix: invisible dialog buttons on smaller screens, topic
  • fix: hidden bottom panel in Route planner on S8 device

Version 4.5.1 (6.12.2021)

  • add: option to move maps & mapsOnline directories to the private folder on the external SD card storage
  • chg: improved UI when setting a custom sub-directory
  • fix: not working support for 3rd party add-ons

Version 4.5.2 (8.12.2021)

  • fix: defunct selection of an alternative Text-to-speech engine
  • fix: failing re-connection to BT4 devices after device restart, topic
  • fix: missing map items loading progress during the app start
  • fix: minor fixes

Version 4.5.4 (10.12.2021)

  • chg: major improvement of memory requirements and performance during app start
  • fix: crash when closing the app
  • fix: faulty import of files from remote storage (Drive, ...)
  • fix: defunct export to GPX
  • fix: defunct connection to Samsung Galaxy Gear watches

Version 4.5.5 (17.12.2021)

  • add: [SILVER] support of Webp Geotagged photos, topic
  • add: automatic support of maps stored in alternate private dirs Android/media
  • add: support of 'All files access'
  • chg: improved import of maps over received path (import within the app or triggered from system file browser)
  • chg: improved parsing of track times in GPX files, topic
  • chg: improved performance of Quick map switch
  • fix: unwanted displaying of search when opening offline LoPoints screen
  • fix: horizontal inaccuracy in NMEA GST message
  • fix: incorrect sum of active satellites in multi-frequency system
  • fix: incorrect display of Geocaching images when app main directory is in private directory (Android 5-10), topic
  • fix: defunct support for "Parcel info" add-on on A11+
  • fix: [SILVER] defunct heart rate export to TCX, topic
  • fix: defunct navigation to "Adventure labs", topic

Version 4.5.6 (23.12.2021)

  • add: full support for zipped vector map themes
  • chg: optimized loading of map themes
  • chg: keep map position when analyzing track, topic
  • fix: crash when importing points/tracks
  • fix: issue when creating point attachments on the SD card, topic
  • fix: incorrect password characters limit when logging into Locus account
  • fix: sharing an export file with GC logs creates an empty folder
  • fix: track editor cursor remains in the upper part of the screen, topic
  • fix: re-set of incorrectly defined custom directory

Version 4.5.7 (29.12.2021)

  • add: option to move "geocaching" directory to private SD card location
  • add: show Geocache hint also in the menu of child waypoint, topic
  • fix: relative path to legend in zipped map themes, topic
  • fix: rare crash when selecting vector map themes
  • fix: not working legend & deleted incorrect theme, in rare cases
  • fix: crash in setup of "Map scale resolution", topic
  • fix: incorrect conversion to Korean National coordinates, topic
  • fix: crash when selecting custom directory and SD card is ejected
  • fix: missing satellite signal indicators, topic
  • fix: import into points/tracks groups on the A11+ devices
  • fix: bunch of minor problems

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