Version 3.23.1 ( 3. 4. 2017+ )

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Version 3.23.2 (1. 5. 2017)

Changes and improvements

  • add: (PRO) option to modify auto-zoom behavior, topic
  • add: (PRO) 'screen on/off' to presets, topic
  • add: direct link on "Radar" back to point bottom menu, topic
  • add: distance to start/end of track visible in trackpoint detail, topic
  • chg: clickable images when creating geocaching logs, topic
  • chg: improved re-import of points/tracks with generated description
  • chg: small change in style of draw "geocaching circles"


  • fix: problem with adding attachments on 4.x devices, topic
  • fix: (PRO) Bluetooth LE causes reconnecting troubles
  • fix: problem with immersive mode in "Data export" screen, topic
  • fix: '(PRO) problem with incorrect refresh of presets/audio coach screen after hide of keyboard, topic
  • chg: Export of single track always with option to set a name, topic
  • fix: unneeded request on creating new folder during import, topic
  • fix: not re-computed route ( in planer ) when after edit of point, topic
  • fix: duplicate GC icons after logging, topic
  • fix: (PRO) problem with connection to different BLE speed & cadence sensors at once, topic
  • fix: duplicate new waypoints added to track, topic
  • fix: notification settings are disabled, topic
  • fix: incorrect handling of screen rotation when saving new track, topic
  • fix: selected "No voice" for navigation does not deselect active voice, topic
  • fix: problem with "scroll keyboard" on BlackBerry, topic
  • fix: problem with time of imported GPX tracks, topic
  • fix: exported Calories into TCX files
  • fix: issues with widths of various lines drawn on map (united now)
  • fix: (PRO) not working "energy" value in Audio coach
  • fix: refresh of maps after download from Store or over locus-actions
  • fix: many smaller reported issues

Version 3.23.1 (13. 4. 2017)

  • add: option to disable loading of blog news into Notification center, topic
  • add: (PRO) cadence, battery and energy to audio coach
  • add: (PRO) hardware compass setting to presets
  • chg: settings of compass (needs re-set!)
  • chg: Menu - Web services - Vylet-zabava opens Locus Store folder with content
  • chg: UI of Altitude manager improved, topic
  • chg: refresh of distances in list of points, topic
  • chg: limit for Statkart maps increased, topic
  • fix: problem with new rotation sensor support
  • fix: second attempt of more stable BLE reconnection
  • fix: problem with adding attachments from Dropbox, topic
  • fix: disabled edit of tracks after export to VeloHero
  • fix: crash when adding more photos to field notes log, topic
  • fix: not working "stop" button when track record auto-start is on, topic
  • fix: missing waypoints after merging tracks, topic
  • fix: incorrect notification of TCX export to Dropbox, topic
  • fix: defunct import of exported GPX files, topic

Version 3.23.0 (3. 4. 2017)

Main changes

  • add: "Automatic GC offlinizer" in geocaching settings, topic
  • add: full style editor for track recording
  • add: export TCX in "Activity" mode, topic
  • chg: faster offline address search hints, topic
  • chg: improved layout of buttons in a point detail screen bottom toolbar (mainly related to navigation apps)

Minor changes

  • add: import/export of track activity included in GPX files, topic
  • add: option to choose source of location of new points, topic
  • add: TomTom Go in points navigation menu, topic
  • add: option of custom mapping of KeyEvents, topic
  • add: top panel long tap copies map center coordinates, topic
  • chg: (PRO) removed test of available internet connection in "Quick WWW bookmarks"
  • chg: improvement of My live location layout
  • chg: value of notification preferences now displayed in settings
  • chg: notification of battery optimization moved to track recording side panel
  • chg: increased priority of audio coach vs navigation TTS notifications


  • fix: problems with files/attachments on Android 7.0+
  • fix: (PRO) corrected recorded speed from BT sensor, topic
  • fix: (PRO) problem with HRM and audio coach, topic
  • fix: (PRO) problem with "Audio coach" during screen rotation, topic
  • fix: incorrect handling of track lines (px vs dp), WARNING: set new values of default track and navigation lines, topic
  • fix: (PRO) incorrect action "move to another folder" after finding a geocache
  • fix: (PRO) reconnecting to some BLE HR devices, topic
  • fix: problem with adding points to a track, topic
  • fix: problem with custom icons & change of Locus Map dir, topic
  • fix: incorrect handling of OSM link from the ap, topic
  • fix: problem with map overview of geocache points, topic
  • fix: missing scrolling in geocaching hint & other small improvements in "hint" dialog, topic
  • fix: incorrect values of distance/bearing during track guide over API, topic
  • fix: problem with loading images from SD card for WebView, topic
  • fix: crash when rotating "navigate to" screen, topic
  • fix: problem with layout in "Compute route" dialog, topic
  • fix: problem with setup of custom location sources & screen rotation, topic
  • fix: problem with duplicate GC waypoints after update over API, topic
  • fix: duplicate settings of guidance colors & text sizes, topic
  • fix: problem with adding maps from Dropbox source
  • fix: (PRO) Crash when adding more photos to field notes log, topic
  • fix: "stuck" compass in navigation mode, topic
  • fix: various small reported crashes

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