Locus Map, version 4.2 ( 15.6.2021+ )

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Version 4.2.0 (14.6.2021)


  • add: (SILVER) support for WMTS maps (don't be confused by WMS icons, will be updated later), topic
  • add: (SILVER) option to rate and tag WMS/WMTS sources in the Web Service library
  • add: (SILVER) option to filter WMS/WMTS search by text & tags
  • chg: (SILVER) featured offer of web map services defined by the map cursor position
  • fix: (SILVER) crash in the side panel with settings of WM services
  • fix: (SILVER) loading of specific WMS sources, topic

Points & tracks

  • add: support for geometries in LoPoints (highlighting of areas)
  • add: (GOLD) option to automatically display new points/tracks on map after sync, topic
  • add: Quad bike as new track activity
  • chg: improved system for splitting a track in the Track editor, topic
  • chg: (SILVER) full track elevation chart displays currently selected trackpoint
  • chg: refreshing of distance to the point in the detail when moving
  • chg: minor UI updates in point/track detail screens
  • chg: track and trackpoint screen sync its changes (moving between trackpoints)
  • fix: coords of a geocache WP can't be edited right after selecting its location, topic
  • fix: rare case when no track recording profile is set as active


  • add: {city_end} and {country} as new parameters for newly recorded track name, topic
  • chg: improved visibility behavior of the main screen panels, topic
  • add: option to hide navigation panels (Expert settings for now), topic
  • chg: second navigation command hidden in UI when "Two commands at once" disabled
  • add: warning of wrongly placed shaping points in route planner, topic
  • chg: inserting middle point to "empty" tracks loaded to route planner
  • add: name/distance/time to next via-point added to Dashboard, topic
  • add: (SILVER) "Inspect OSM" as a predefined quick bookmark, topic
  • chg: enabled "favorites" option also for offline geocache logs, topic
  • chg: improved loading of OSM notes, topic
  • chg: center when guide to the new added cache waypoint, topic
  • chg: improved control of track recording over API, topic
  • add: (SILVER) support for start/stop of the POI Alert over Android intent, topic
  • add: 'map_move_zoom' action task parameter for 'Action tasks API' calls


  • fix: invisibility of empty bottom panel, topic
  • fix: incorrectly clickable links in point/track details
  • fix: incorrect refresh of point screen after moveTo of the point
  • fix: incorrect point icon when moving between groups
  • fix: incorrect adding & editing waypoints in a track
  • fix: incorrect export directory for the GC field notes
  • fix: (SILVER) incorrect loading of GeoTagged photos
  • fix: (SILVER) unwanted automatic clearing of GeoPhotos cache
  • fix: incorrect validation of added Url links, topic
  • fix: incorect text orientation along the lines (line to GPS, guidance line, etc.)
  • fix: not working "quick_action_menu" action ID over Locus API
  • fix: incorrect loading of online LoPoints when raster map is active, topic
  • fix: defunct import of exported GPX to other apps (like c:geo), topic
  • fix: loading of KML coordinates in incorrect format
  • fix: removing photos attached to track waypoints when clearing data, topic
  • fix: (SILVER) not drawing background for dashboard charts
  • fix: faulty export of points with photo as icon into KML, topic
  • fix: track recording interval setting warning covers the SET button on some screen resolution
  • fix: minor fixes in improved navigation UI
  • fix: (SILVER) slow removing of WMS/WMTS maps
  • fix: after creating a new folder for export the app doesn't open it, topic
  • fix: app stuck when loading custom geocaching spoilers, topic
  • fix: invisible geocache info in point detail screen after refresh, topic
  • fix: incorrect visible tab when starting points/tracks manager directly
  • fix: duplicated opening hours for LoPoints

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