Version 3.22.0 - 3.22.2 ( 3. 3. 2017+ )

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Version 3.22.2 (16. 3. 2017)

Main changes

  • fix: crash at start with error 43, topic
  • fix: crash when GPS settings change - Keep GPS for track record

Minor changes

  • add: map center coordinates can be easily copied by long tapping top panel, topic
  • add: better cooperation with Waze (directly available in point "share" menu)
  • fix: incorrect notification values of leaving route during navigation
  • chg: allow more tolerant pattern for w3w searching, topic
  • chg: thin KML or KMZ lines on a map, topic
  • chg: improved drawing of highlighted colored tracks, topic
  • fix: problem with loading images from SD card for WebView, topic
  • fix: incorrect handling of BLE Cadence & Speed data
  • fix: incorrectly working strict guidance along track
  • fix: inaccurate TTS notification values in Audio trainer, topic
  • fix: downloaded logs in basic caches do not display "logs" tab, topic
  • fix: incorrect rendering of world vector map during zooming, topic
  • fix: incorrect refresh of 3D skyplot after return from other app, topic
  • fix: rendering problems with GC listing on A 4.4, topic

Version 3.22.1 (9. 3. 2017)

  • chg: dramatically improved performance of file import
  • fix: not working periodic updates system (like G4L live map), topic
  • fix: crash at start with error No. 43, topic
  • fix: problem with start of 'add-on Field notes' from application, topic
  • fix: incorrectly working guidance along track
  • fix: stuck app when adding point with already used name
  • fix: crash when loading a cache with a waypoint with "corrected coordinates", topic
  • fix: (PRO) incorrect command for disabling dashboard in presets, topic
  • fix: missing leading '0' for min/sec longitude format, topic
  • fix: using volume buttons for zooming modified "volume" as well, topic

Version 3.22.0 (3. 3. 2017)

Main changes

  • add: new "Notification center" (informing about news from Locus homepage, all downloading - Locus Store content, elevation files, content from third parties)
  • add: new "My live location" - private live tracking that can be displayed on a dedicated website over a unique URL (feature in Beta version is in "Share" menu )
  • add: (PRO) new parameters & UI updates in Training manager, topic
  • chg: "Training manager" renamed to "Audio coach" for clearer understanding of its purpose
  • add: (PRO) new system of "Presets" for quick change of a batch of settings (Beta version), topic
  • add: (PRO) autonomous download of elevation files from LoMaps purchased in Store, topic

Extra new features

  • add: tap on icon in list of points/nearest points to display point on map, topic
  • add: support of repeating notification during point guidance, topic
  • add: option in "Share menu" to directly share current map cursor location to other map apps, topic
  • chg: new filter for compass - "orientation filter" settings are needed no more
  • add: option to copy or move/insert an existing point to a track, topic

Changes - maps

  • chg: updates in LoMaps themes & better display of LoMaps Points of interest
  • chg: improved Statkart topo map in lower zoom levels ( 1 - 15 )
  • chg: zoom level 16 of USGS maps removed due to never-ending troubles with lagging
  • chg: defunct Russian RetroMaps removed temporarily
  • add: support of "render-db-only" tag (for Symbols) in MapsForge V3 that prevents it from drawing points in case the POI DB exists
  • fix: defunct Statkart sailing maps
  • fix: problem with missing attributions of some offline maps

Changes - geocaching

  • chg: improved loading of Geocaching profile (should be faster)
  • add: support of ox:awesomeness opencaching parameters
  • fix: correct export of geocaches to GPX including attachments, topic
  • fix: problem with update of geocache waypoints in case "keep changes" settings is disabled
  • fix: long-click on image links in geocaching listing

Minor changes

  • add: ski mountaineering in activities, topic
  • add: support of adding multiple images into Point attachment at once, topic
  • add: "mountaineering" and "via ferrata" icons for tracks
  • chg: improvement of Locus settings UI
  • chg: improved behavior of centering feature (stays enabled even when GPS is turned off)
  • chg: removed "foot" navigation in Yours
  • chg: removed unnecessary "selection of activity" in recording profile and when saving recorded track
  • chg: improved notification on "Map shift center" activation
  • chg: optimized start of application and reduced starting time (removed unneeded refresh of raster maps )
  • chg: start screens made more robust and stable (rotation of screen, unexpected situations)
  • chg: reverted part of "GPS connection wake up" system for older 4.x devices, topic
  • chg: improved handling of "Auto-zoom" and "Periodic Updates" to be more memory friendly
  • chg: improved import of files - "merge" option is available also for multiple files import, topic


  • fix: incorrectly working strict guidance along track
  • fix: support of Galileo satellites from external BT GPS unit not visible, topic
  • fix: problem with immersive mode in DataExport screen, topic
  • fix: problem with RMaps in latest version, topic
  • fix: icons and their editing of waypoints attached to track, topic
  • fix: rare crashes at start on some older devices due to missing native libraries
  • fix: problem with identification of "external storage" on some devices
  • fix: incorrect labels in "Share" dialog
  • fix: problem with parsing coordinates from clipboard, topic
  • fix: disabled notification of invalid URL when loading icons of map items
  • fix: problem with zoom of overlays out of supported scale range (50% - 800%)
  • fix: missing video files after import, topic
  • fix: problem with incorrect timezone used in sunrise/sunset times, topic
  • fix: lag at start of application in case some offline map needs valid user account
  • fix: issue with computing of speed during import, topic
  • fix: problems with start of navigation when GPS fix is not yet perfectly ready
  • fix: incorrect "created time" of imported tracks in some cases

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